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    Why is sketching great for you?

    Why is sketching great for you?

    Sketching is a great way to improve your creative skills and helps you to think differently. It encourages imagination and creativity and helps problem-solving and personal development. You can apply the skills you learn through sketching to different areas of your life. However, making a good sketch requires good-quality stationery. Stilform Gel Pen is an ideal pen for those who love to sketch. Here is how a gel pen helps you to achieve the maximum benefits from sketching.

    Creative Skills

    Holding a pen and a drawing pad in your hand triggers your mind to start imagining. Once you start sketching, your imagination will have no bounds. You might end up sketching things you see around you, things in your memory, as well as things only you can imagine – fantastical images. It will also help you to play around with art-related concepts like texture, shade, shadow, balance, and form.


    Stilform ARC has a unique magnetically self-aligning cap and a timeless design that offers a great start to boost your creativity. It uses pigmented gel ink in different line widths and colors. This elegant pen also offers great water and fade resistance; the sketching will never smudge, even if the paper accidentally gets wet. Your work is safe with the ARC pen throughout your creative journey.

    Brain Development

    Sketching can help you develop different areas of your brain. It improves your ability to focus and pay attention, a skill that would undoubtedly help you in all areas of life. Sketching and drawing also have a positive impact on memory. Another interesting fact about sketching: it can develop your fine motor coordination. Handling a pen or pencil dexterously and creating fine sketches is a great exercise for your hands, wrists, and fingers and can ultimately lead to improving dexterity, strength, and flexibility. This also contributes to your hand and eye coordination, making everyday tasks easy for you. In addition, skills you learn through sketching can also develop your strategic thinking.

    It is very effortless to sketch with the ARC gel pen as its refill is easily switchable and there are various refills to choose from. These options give you numerous opportunities to play around with your sketch. The magnetic cap is fun to fidget with, soothing and helping you to concentrate.


    When you are sketching, you don’t use words, so you will automatically find alternative ways to communicate your feelings and emotions through your sketches. For example, the way you have used lines, shadings, and forms can give your audience different messages. Sketching also develops your ability to think visually. In fact, most designers and innovators use sketching as a communication tool to express their ideas. 


    As a hobby, sketching is a great way to relax. It allows you to sit back and make a sketch at your own pace. There are no rules and no one instructing you what to do – you can just sketch whatever you want, whenever you want and have fun while doing it. Sketching is a method to vent all your pent-up emotions, which would also relax your mind. In fact, sketching has often been described as a mindfulness meditation method.

    Sketching with Stilform ARC is very relaxing. Most of our users have found it easy to play with the ARC pen as the cap can be magnetically opened, closed, posted, making its user experience very intuitive and making sketching more cheerful and easy.

    Personal Development

    As your experience in sketching grows, your sketching would become better and better, building up your confidence and self-esteem. Finishing a good sketch and hearing praises for your work will also give you a fine sense of achievement and make you feel proud. This is why sketching is a good way to boost confidence in yourself, ultimately leading to personal development. Stilform ARC is available in 5 different anodized colors, allowing the user to express their characters freely.

    Th ARC is also a user friendly pen. The distinctive anti-roll flat sides of its classic design offer a good grip and prevent the pen from rolling on the desk, allowing you to sketch with confidence.

    Stilform ARC Gel Pen is an excellent choice for anybody who loves to sketch. It will make you fall in love with sketching and will boost the benefits of sketching.

    So what are you waiting for? Get started on your perfect sketch with Stilform ARC Gel Pen now!