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    Five Items Everyone Should Have In Their Stationery Wardrobe

    Five Items Everyone Should Have In Their Stationery Wardrobe

    Five Items Everyone Should Have In Their Stationery Wardrobe

    Whether you’re wanting to compose a letter for a work colleague or send off a thank-you note to a close friend; having an establish stationery wardrobe proves to be an enjoyable asset. Take the time to build your collection with quality materials to add an extra sense of elegance to any occasion.

    So, where do you start building your collection? What should your collection include? Ranging from calling cards to a pristine pen, here are five essential items to include in your stationery wardrobe.

    Correspondence Cards
    A very adaptable addition to your personalised stationery set; correspondence cards prove to be an essential aspect of your stationery wardrobe due to the many functions they serve. This includes thank-you notes, celebration and sympathy cards, or messages to colleagues.

    Correspondence cards should have a dimension of four by six inches and should include your name elegantly printed with your address on the back of the envelope flap.

    Note Sheets
    Note sheets are perfect when the situation calls for a longer letter. When deciding on your note sheets, strive for a high-grade material. Typically, 100% cotton is ideal, however you can change this to suit your needs. The size of the sheets largely depends on preference, although the average size typically increases if the occasion is much more formal.

    A Quality Collection Of Pens
    Writing on exquisite material calls for the proper tool; when you’re deciding on a pen for your stationery wardrobe, remember to strive for a high standard of quality. Select a pen that’s going to exude a sense of quality and satisfaction every single time you use it.

    For example, Stilform currently has a range of quality Grade-5 titanium pens available for purchase, offering an award-winning design and a state of the art mechanism. As opposed to buying and settling for an endless stream of throw-away pens, invest in a tool that’ll stick around for the long haul.

    Calling Cards
    Although they were traditionally used to notify an occupant that a visit had been made in their absence, calling cards continue to demonstrate themselves as another versatile inclusion to your stationery wardrobe. Firstly, the cards can be great for adding more personality into gift giving. It’s as simple as writing your brief on the back and enclosing it with the gift.

    Alternatively, calling cards are useful in social settings when you’re offering acquaintances your contact information. They often only include your name, number, and email address.

    A Reliable Notepad
    Whether you’ve had a spontaneous idea or need to jot down a simple thought, a notepad is a simple tool every professional should carry with them. When you’re searching for a notepad, aspire for one that’s effortless to travel with, easy to use, and gifts you with feelings of gratification every single time you use it. For example, Stilform’s Journal is an ideal on the go companion for your Titan pen.

    By investing in a quality notebook, along with these four simple products, your stationery wardrobe will be off to a running start!