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    Ballpoint, Fountain, or Gel Pen - Which Pen Is the Best For You?

    Ballpoint, Fountain, or Gel Pen - Which Pen Is the Best For You?

    There are many different types of pens you can purchase and use today. In fact, it can become confusing and you might wonder what the difference is between all of them. Do you choose a ballpoint, fountain pen, or gel pen as the writing instrument you will use? We will go over what the differences are between these, and make it easy to understand which one best suits your needs.

    Stilform carries a magnetic version of ballpoint, fountain pens, and gel pens. These are:

    • Stilform PEN - ballpoint pen
    • Stilform INK - fountain pen
    • Stilform ARC - gel pen

    This superior pen design contains a unique magnetic mechanism that couples with the best refill ever made. No matter who you are, you will find that these three Stilform pens will introduce you to a completely new writing experience.

    Ballpoint vs Fountain vs Gel Pen

    In case you need a refresher, here are the differences between ballpoints, fountain pens, and gel pens.

    Ballpoint pens have a ball bearing placed within a socket at the pen’s tip, ensuring oil based ink is released slowly and with ease.


    Fountain pens feature a metal nib and often use a cartridge or an ink converter that allows ink to flow continuously and freely. 


    Gel pens contain powdered pigments that are suspended within a water-based gel, producing vivid and smooth ink. 


    How to Select the Perfect Pen

    Who are you? Depending on who you are, you will find one pen to be more attractive and appealing than the others. We’ll go over the main reason why Stilform pens are best to use depending on your needs.

    Happy Entrepreneur

    Stilform Ballpoint pens are great for working and feature a convenient cap-less design. That is realized by a unique magnetic mechanism. This means you get to maintain a clutter-free workplace and never a pen cap again. Made with high-end CNC lathing, you will feel empowered while writing with a ballpoint.

    Entrepreneurs also find fountain pens to be quite appealing, especially when it comes to signing important documents. You have a wider variety of personal ink choices as well. Express yourself in any unique ink color you’d like! You no longer need to stick to simply black or blue ink. Additionally, a fountain pen exudes credibility and importance, which can help reinforce and strengthen your character.

    stilform-ballpoint&fountain pen

    Clever designs, such as those found with magnetic mechanism pens, help you gain trust with others. These pens also make great conversation starters! While hanging out with colleagues, you stand to gain greater trust from them. When you are working in the office, you can keep your pen on a base or wooden holder, showcasing a tasteful desk. These pens are easily portable so that whenever you need to get on the road to meet a client, or have other business-related engagement, you can transport it in the accompanying leather pouch or use the attachable pen clip.


    Old-School Calligraphy Experience

    If you want your writing experience to be reminiscent of old-school pen and paper calligraphy, you will fall in love with Stilform’s INK fountain pen. This is a pen that will cultivate your joy of writing. The ASMR experience of the soul-soothing sounds of the metal nub sliding across paper is remarkably calming.

    Writing with a fountain pen can also train you to become better at handwriting. The premium aluminum and titanium design feels incredibly solid and empowering while you hold it in your hand. Multiple nib choices and seven colors to select from allow you to personalize the style of your magnetic fountain pen.


    Creative Minds and Designers

    If you’re the creative and artistic type, all three pens can be wielded as your writing tools of choice. They all perform well when it comes to drawing and sketching due to their unique characteristics.

    The Stilform ARC gel pen has the ability to draw lines of various widths thanks to different kinds of refills that are available (0.3-0.7mm) as accessories. ARC gel pens are also available in several different colors. If you are making a design that requires fine and precise lines, you can use a Stilform ruler to perfect them. If you are an industrial designer who is a minimalist at heart, you will find Stilform pens to be exactly what you have been looking for.


    Early Adopters and Collectors

    If you are an early adopter of the latest technology, or just a collector of fine and premium pens, you will find Stilform pens are well worth their price. The exclusive magnetic features, which other traditional pen brands fail to have, led to them being prized among pen collectors and early adopters of new tech.

    The magnetic mechanism, including the self-aligning cap, is perfect for when you want to fidget with something. Studies have shown how fidgeting can increase creativity and improve concentration. Instead of getting a fidget spinner, you can keep it simple and use a Stilform pen for when you want to fidget.


    Upgrade Your Writing Experience

    Upgrade to a pen that will make momentous occasions and important tasks more memorable and impactful. Imagine signing an important contract, signing off when you buy your first apartment, or signing at a wedding ceremony.

    If you want to experience a completely different way of writing, then a Stilform pen is what you need. As a fast-growing German brand developing the best premium design stationery products, you can be sure you will have the best pen possible. The revolutionary magnetic mechanism, along with the premium design made of high-grade aluminum and titanium, make these pens well worth their price. 

    A good pen is still as important in today’s digital age as it was generations ago. Official occasions, crucial moments, innovative gift ideas, and creative sparks can all benefit greatly from a quality Stilform pen.