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stilform Ballpoint Pen Press Release

stilform Ballpoint Pen Press Release

August 10, 2016, Munich, Germany – The international award winning stilform pen that combines a revolutionary new mechanism with an intuitive and minimal design, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life. 

A 2016 Winner of the Red Dot Design Award, a prestigious and world- renowned honor bestowed to the best of the best in outstanding design, the stilform pen is seeking a spot in every creative’s daily essentials.

“We designed the stilform pen with the intention to be a daily companion. Regardless of the occasion or the style you choose, this pen will blend in perfectly, because of its subtle but distinct design,” says founder Christoph Bohrer, “Make your choice from four colors for an ideal match with your individual fashion and accessories.”

The stilform pen features a groundbreaking new design that unlocks the pen with a simple shift of the cap. The magnetic forces inside the pen are perfectly balanced and a strong Neodymium magnet holds the cap safely in the idle and writing position. Each part of the stilform pen is lathed from a solid block of a highly durable aluminum alloy known for its strength and frequently used in aerospace engineering.

The stilform pen comes in 6 distinct finishes that pair up perfectly with many of Apple’s own devices.

”We believe there is nothing more creative than a pen and a blank sheet of paper. This cosmos is reflected in the design of our writing utensil. The bush parts are seemingly levitating over the shank and hold in position by balanced forces. Shifting the bush parts back and forth emerges or hides the ball pen cartridge. In order to realize this intuitive design, we have put in question every detail and function of writing utensils. The result is a unique mechanism based on magnets, which allows the pen to have different appearances in the writing and the idle position.”