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stilform Titan Ballpoint Pen Press Release

stilform Titan Ballpoint Pen Press Release

The stilform pen Hits the Marketplace Running With a New Titanium Version Munich, Germany – August 11, 2017 – The stilform pen takes it up a notch to greet the world with a new version. With the ante upped on insightful design, the stilform pen version 2.0 makes it’s debut to a ready marketplace in Titanium.

With a remarkable dedication to aesthetic, functionality, and design, stilform announces the launch of the stilform pen in a refined version made of Titanium.

Created as the ultimate design pen, the writing utensil is a homage to intuitive functionality. How so? It houses a futuristic mechanism that employs magnetic forces to hold the cap once open. And open it certainly does. With the ease of form, the Titanium pen can be opened with one hand and immediately used without added effort. Based on a universal pattern called the Golden Ratio, the ergonomic pen is noted for its balance and strength. This is due to applying the historic pattern to every component.

Christoph Bohrer, co-founder of stilform GmbH said of the Titanium pen, β€œJust like our original award winning design, the stilform titanium pen has a mechanism that uses magnets to reveal the tip. This motion is highly intuitive and provides visual feedback. When you can see the gap, the pen tip is retracted. Likewise, when there is no gap, you can pick up the pen and instantly start writing.”