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Titanium Gel Pen

By deploying 4-pole magnet rings, the unique magnetic feature of the ARC Gel Pen not only simplified the traditional closing mechanism, it is also integrated to realize a pure minimalist form, which ensures an easy open/closure and an effective anti-roll function. The magnetic closure allows the distinctive flat sides along the pen to align. With the help of the special mechanism, the Arc pen is a gel pen that always presents its best self.

Titanium Matte

A Magnetic Pen that Always Presents Its Best Self.

What's Special about the ARC Pen?


Material: Grade-5 Titanium or Grade-6 Aluminium
Packaging: Matte-laminated premium box
Cartridge: Pilot Hi-Tecpoint with line width 0.5mm, black
Refill: Compatible with Pilot G2 refills, like Pilot Juice Up LP3RF or Pilot BXS-V5 RT
Dimensions: 142.5x10.5x9.2mm (5.6"x0.41"x0.36")
Weight: Aluminium: 19g (0.67oz) uncapped, 25g (0.88oz) capped
Titanium: 28g (0.99oz) uncapped, 37g (1.3oz) capped

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